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Be it your leadership group, your management team, your CEO peer group – Simone should be on your “must have” list. Simone Brown’s work on teams and culture is not what you have heard before. She is a refreshing teacher, speaker, and forward thinker who will challenge your current way of thinking. She will engage you as a leader and move your people skills forward. Her teachings will be of benefit to those that you lead, your clients and the communities you work in. Her content was fresh, innovative, very well delivered, fun, forward, fast, usable… and relevant!”

Chris, Partner – Deboski & Co

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Despite an audience made up of  fairly blue collar and technical members Simone was able to engage them right away. They participated in discussions about topics that were fairly foreign to them, and much of this was because of Simone’s delivery style and methods of engagement. I would definitely recommend Simone to another company that would like to help Managers and employees understand the changing landscape of our workforce and how it affects those that are managing them.”

Jen, HR Manager – ACME Fire and Safety

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Simone provided terrific insight about Millennials and how companies can create a workplace of excellence. Our group left with practical strategies that they could implement immediately. There are very few people who understand Millennials as well as Simone and who can provide business leaders with the tools required to keep them motivated, engaged and highly productive.”

Mark, Chairperson – TEC Canada

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“Without Simone, I wouldn’t have gained the skills and confidence to become the entrepreneur and leader I am today. I’ve always known my goals and vision, but having the right guide is the difference between wanting to get there, and actually getting there. Simone helped me bring my vision to life. She supported me through the big, complex issues and the seemingly small ones, that you’re sometimes afraid to ask for help with. She helped me turn my challenges into successes, and I’m incredibly thankful that I have her in my corner.”

Koleya, CEO – Absolute Combustion International

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Simone is a highly intuitive and dynamic individual. Her in-depth knowledge on so many topics amazes me during every conversation I have with her. She helps her clients step outside of their comfort zones, and helps motivate them to be better individuals both inside and outside the workplace. Simone uses ear grabbing topics to captivate her audience and leaves them hungry, asking for more. She led the Regency Auto retreat in Whistler, starting with a memorable Lego activity. Every member of our team was excited to learn from her. We thank Simone for her guidance, teachings and positive energy!”

Izzam, Managing Director – Regency Auto Group

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“Simone’s workshops are full of energy and passion. Our attendees always leave her sessions feeling inspired, and with a new outlook on their business. She quickly became one of our staple speakers and she has been an excellent reminder of why we are doing what we are doing – to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs.”

Shannon, Talent Acquisition Partner – ATB Financial

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“What an amazing coach! Her business workshops helped us define our company WHY and purpose which brought unity to our company image. We often get positive comments when we use this new WHY approach when meeting people. I discovered my personal WHY and what a difference it’s made! Her personal coaching was powerful and helped me move past fear and uncertainty. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.”

Lyle, CEO – Inspiris

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“Having worked closely with Simone during the last year has greatly enhanced my strategic planning. I really value the agile process Simone utilizes. Instead of a cookie cutter approach, she skillfully steers our time together. Simone has demonstrated her extensive knowledge, in a variety of standard methodologies, and draws on these to create customized solutions with me. Her way of operating has created remarkable value in the time we’ve invested together.”

Dr. Jeff, Clinic Director – The Vital PostureTM Clinic

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“I had the opportunity to hear Simone speak at an event for the Chamber of Commerce and she was an amazing breath of fresh air! She was engaging and relatable but best of all she offered new perspectives. The practical applications she presented to our team was extremely valuable and easy to implement. I was fortunate enough to connect with Simone during a break, she was so passionate and humble, a true gem!”

Lorri, Lethbridge Herald

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“Simone recently presented at my TEC group on the topic of managing millennials. Her presentation was both engaging and insightful. It’s a topic that can often be pushed aside by business leaders but Simone does an excellent job at stating the importance of the new millennial workforce and their motivations and goals. I would highly recommend anyone building a team or recruiting for a company to hear her speak or engage her personally.”

David, Co-founder at Rock & Bloom

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“Anyone who holds a significant position of leadership in any organization understands the pressures of having your s#&t together. Over my 18 year career I have been coached on matters of business – productivity, marketing, HR, difficult conversations, marketing and more, but it did little to facilitate deeper growth. Simone has been the catalyst for the shift in my habits of thought, and in turn the way I execute, and ‘show-up,’ both personally and professionally.”

Dax, Market Manager – ATB Financial

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“Having Simone as a coach has made a huge impact. Understanding my triggers and how I am naturally geared to interact with people has been crucial to my success. I am better able to understand my strengths and weaknesses in a new light. I feel like Simone offers something special here and would recommend it to anyone who wants more from themselves and their business.”

Chase, CEO – New Horizons Travel Nursing

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“Within my first session, it quickly became apparent that Simone has an intuitive knowledge and unique skill set. Her deep caring helped me see my hardwired patterns, understand the role they play, and then shift my mindset and communication to get my desired outcome.”

Cameron, President – Resch Financial Consulting

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“Simone helped me understand how to translate my ideas and plans into increased revenue. Even more valuable though, was discovering how my mind works. I’m now on track to greater success.”

Ben, Founder – Wild Rhubarb & Buck

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“If you need to change your behaviour and mindset, Simone is your go-to! She taught me how to change my mindset and alter the way I perceive people and situations. Because of this I am a better leader and a better person. If you’re a driven person but uncertainty and doubts are your demons, get Simone onboard NOW!”

Anannya, Marketing & Business Intelligence Manager

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Over 70% of employees are disengaged at work. High employee turnover is a sign of a toxic work culture and costs your company thousands every year.


Over 70% of employees are disengaged at work. High employee turnover is a sign of a toxic work culture and costs your company thousands every year.


A people-first approach is crucial for success. Implementing proven techniques with our help can transform your culture and improve your bottom line.


Make company culture your greatest competitive advantage, and increase your profitability.

People and Culture Architect

I help leaders and teams improve their performance and profitability by focusing on a ‘people-first, inside-out’ approach

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Audit Your Culture

What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed.

Culture sets the tone for the health, productivity and profitability of an organization, yet it is often hard to grasp.

The Culture Audit is a 71-item survey designed to anonymously capture an employee’s perspective of their current workplace. It measures eight foundational dimensions associated with a healthy company culture.

Respondent results are examined in aggregate to provide a holistic report of the current health of the company culture.

Your company culture might need minor adjustments or a major overhaul. We can assess the current state of your culture so you know exactly where you stand.

Audit Your Culture

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